Applying For

These are the steps which are normally considered as the standard process to start HERITY and the HGES in a new Country:
  1. Institutional contacts between HERITY International and the Country Authorities;
  2. Expression of interest by the Country Authorities at an official level;
  3. Organization of a local meeting by the Country Authorities in order to directly illustrate and discuss the HERITY system and its results with interested parties, as well as to agree to the terms of implementation;
  4. Proposal of Pilot Sites by the Country Authorities;
  5. Preparation of a technical proposal by HERITY International;
  6. Funding;
  7. Assessment of Pilot Sites and introduction of local observers by HERITY International;
  8. Identification a partner (e.g. an NGO or Foundation) where the National Commission for HERITY could be based;
  9. Establishing a National Commission for HERITY;
  10. Follow-up (including training).
Please, note that after steps 3, 5 and 8 it is possible to stop the process if the Authorities believe that the situation is not favorable to continue.
If the HGES is already utilized in your Country and you are interested in implementing the HGES evaluation at your site, please apply directly for the certification by contacting HERITY International (or the National Commission if it exists) officially asking for a technical proposal indicating the name, extension, location and type of the assets you want to be certified (please, verify in advance that the project was realized at least at 20% of the total and that the assets are open to the public).
The Secretariat will be at your disposal for inquires or any further assistance.