Innovation, simplicity, updating, excellence, winning rationale, independent assessment:
  1. The HERITY target is an improvement of previous classifications based on only one criterion. And because it is visual, it is easily recognized at an international level;
  2. HERITY classification is periodically reviewed and is neither “fixed” or unchangeable as in other previous systems;
  3. HERITY recognition encourages continuous improvement of conservation, communication and services;
  4. Awarding of HERITY certification stimulates competitiveness in a sector that has always been “blurred”;
  5. The evaluation system allows for independent information similar to other international standards.
Many interested parties can take advantage of the HERITY Global Evaluation System:
  • Site managers to highlight their efforts and to know how other interested parties perceive their asset;
  • Politicians to understand the situation at a glance for decision-making;
  • Tour Operators to know the situation of cultural sites for designing their itineraries;
  • Public agencies to inform travelers;
  • Properties to plan budgets and to promote the sites;
  • Banks and other stakeholders to verify the real improvement made possible by their financial support;
  • Publishers of guides to enrich their offer to customers.